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Being Found on the Web - Overview 

This presentation covers the three routes to your website

  1. Direct Navigation.
  2. Website Referrals.
  3. Search Engines

Search Engine Optimisation for a Storage & Logistics Company.

  • The 6 main ways to get Visitors on the Web
  • Referrals and Links
  • Search Engines & the Power of Words
  • The Long Tail of Language
  • Conversions – Delivering your Returns
  • 5 Tactics that went wrong – A Case Study.

An Introduction to Google AdWords

This quick run through the AdWords setup process also has the latest insights.
First presented at
The International Digital Lab.
University of Warwick

but even the research part at the end also has real business value.
Warning - File is over 4.5MB.

Tracking Visitor Behaviour using Google Analytics

This presentation covers:

  • The alternatives to Google Analytics
  • How to set up Analytics
  • Tracking Goals, Sales & Conversions
  • The new multi-channel conversion paths
  • Quick Tour of the Standard Options
  • An example of Advanced Segments

Pay-Per-Click as a Marketing Research Tool

Rob's paper published in the 'The Marketing Leaders' online journal June 2007.

Spreadsheet to easily Generate "phrase matched" & [exact matched] Keywords.

Just type in your keyword phrase in column A, Broad, press enter and the variants normally
appear with the No. of Characters.

If this fails then simply copy and paste the Cells B2, C2 & D2 down the columns.