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PPC Promotion Ltd takes a strong ethical stand on Internet business.
We do not spam, pass-on, rent or sell your information to anyone, at any time.

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PPC Promotion do monitor all Adwords and Analytics accounts of clients, paused clients and prospective clients at times of major changes in Google’s policies and algorithms. Aggregating trends over a wide range of businesses and markets helps PPC Promotion advise and serve our clients better.

If we find any urgent matter that needs attention you will be informed whatever your contractual status at the time with PPC Promotion Ltd.
PPC Promotion uses strong passwords and two-stage login for all our Google Accounts. We treat your data like the best banks should!
You can terminate access to your Adwords & Analytics accounts at any time.

Privacy Policy Statement

When you share your personal information with us, we believe we MUST honour your trust preserve your privacy.
This privacy statement aims to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy and to document what happens to the information we collect
on this web site,
However, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies & content of other sites to which this site links.

PPC Promotion Ltd will collect personal data from potential and existing clients.
All data stored will be:

  • Lawfully kept and processed for limited purposes
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Accurate, Secure & will not be kept longer than necessary
  • Processed in accordance with your rights
  • Not transferred to other organizations and countries

All data stored will be seen & used only by PPC Promotion Ltd & partners and will NOT be disclosed, shared or sold to
third parties. This means that you will not be contacted by any third parties.

Data Collected by PPC Promotion Ltd

The minimum information that we request is your name and a valid email address to support our Ask An Expert form.

To take up our Free Adwords Check-up service requires your email address & AdWords ID number.
We use this information to provide the check-up which requires PPC Promotion to set-up access to your Adwords account from our client centre and to comply with any requirements of law.

This information will
only be disclosed to our staff. You can terminate access to your Adwords account at any time.

Clients who take up our services must provide company name and address information for invoicing purposes.
PPC Promotion can only provide our best levels of service with your phone number(s).

Our Form collected data is forwarded by email and stored for a short time on our webserver hosted within the EC

If you have any further questions please Contact Us, or call 024 7695 0118. 


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