Terms of Business - The Approach & Ethos of PPC Promotion Ltd.

Our Promise to You.

  • If we can't add value to your business we don’t invoice.
  • We will never tie you down to a contract.
The Aims of PPC Promotion Ltd

Our aims are to:
  • Add value to your business.
    This is measured against your goals,
    sales and bottom line results and not the efficiency with which we deliver visitors.
  • Use scientific testing to measure and enhance your online message, provide market intelligence and provide you the information to help manage your business.

  • Give early warnings of problems and honest assessments where product lines, or campaigns no longer have a business case.
    We will also tell you when you do not need our services.

Managing Change

You are in Control.

  • You can pause and resume your Ads & Campaigns.
  • You can pause or stop our service at any time.

PPC Promotion clients have paused campaigns
and our Managed Service because of success!

  • Because of a big new overseas contract.
  • Because they are snowed under with new business.
  • Because the changes to their website that we
    recommended bring in enough free inquiries.

In business managing change is what you do.

The constant on-line bidding auction that is Google Adwords is changing, by time of day, by location,
and as businesses respond to their changing business outlook.

The most dramatic changes on the Adwords marketplace are those that happen inside Google; when their algorithms or policies change.
See Google needs watching.

There can be no absolute guarantee of
performance using Adwords or in business.

Google does provide the tools to track spending, conversions and to improve your conversion pipeline.

Campaigns can be constantly tweaked or paused.
PPC Promotion are expert in the use of these tools and by monitoring many clients accounts on a daily basis can alert each client with the effects of change
on their campaigns and business.

Terms of Business

  • Clients will be responsible for paying the pay-per-click costs directly to Google,
    setup by Direct Debit or Credit Cards.
    PPC Promotion Ltd recommends the post-pay, automatic approach.
  • Clients will decide their Adwords spending strategy and budgets in consultation with our experts.
    PPC Promotion recommends controlling spend at the keyword bidding level not by a capped budget.
  • Regular services including the Adwords Monitoring Service and Adwords Managed Service are
    invoiced monthly. Cost and time can be saved by both parties with regular payments.
    Chasing payment of invoices will only expend some of the time allocated to the client's service.
  • There are no long term commitment required of clients.
    You can pause or suspend any regular service from the next month with a week's notice.
  • PPC Promotion may also inform clients, at any time, that they will not invoice for reasons such as pausing a clients Adwords campaign activity or as a result of our ‘added value’ promise.
  • All one-off services, such as Adwords Campaign Set-up, offers will be accompanied by
    a detailed client proposal.
  • One-off services will be invoiced on agreed completion of all activities detailed in the client's proposal.
  • There can be no absolute performance promise.
    PPC Promotion Ltd will not offer their Performance Improvement Service if they cannot see significant
    opportunities for improvement. This performance is backed by our no quibble, money-back guarantee
    means that we promise to save you more than the cost of the program, or we will refund your service fee.
  • Google Adwords costs can vary dramatically within a clients budget averaged over 30 days.
    The client is responsible for these fees however PPC Promotion Ltd has a strong record of spotting
    and managing or warning about these changes for clients and even prospective clients.
  • PPC Promotion Ltd liabilities to Adwords clients is limited to returning our fees.
  • PPC Promotion Ltd have arranged Professional Indemnity cover, to protect our clients,
    underwritten by Hiscox.

Changes to client websites.

  • PPC Promotion Ltd Limited will perform 'Why Not?' analyses on clients websites and e-commerce sites
    in order to make recommendations to improve sales and conversion rates.
    All changes will be monitored and measured using Google Analytics and other tools.

  • Doorway pages, trying to con the search engines,
    took www.bmw.de off the Google results for days.
    Small companies would not get back so fast.
    A Promise – No Risky Techniques or Links.
    PPC Promotion Ltd will take no shortcuts,
    will not use link farms, doorway pages,
    auto-submission techniques or
    anything that is not recommended in Google's Webmaster guidelines.
  • PPC Promotion make use of Blogs and other
    collaborative web portals to highlight and promote their client's
    news and developments. Copy is always be checked with the client first.
    (Rob has been offered £50 per post on his Search Blog for a CV services series of posts!
    He does not Blog for cash.)

The Google Democracy

Rob has researched Google's patents and understands how they are try to provide good search results.
It is the behaviour of your visitors that is key, everyone that stays to browse, held by interesting, engaging, relevant content casts a vote for your website in the Google's constant poll.

Google has extended this with their logged-in +1 community and also search for reviews on hotel and travel sites, etc. Their unified privacy policy has been controversial but their single Google Account structure has also allowed increased security across all their sites.