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PPC Promotion Ltd.'s Performance Promise.
  • If we can't add value to your business we don’t invoice.
  • We will never tie you down to a contract!
New to Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Marketing?
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  Google Adwords Review
Free of Charge 
If you are already running Google AdWords, let an AdWords professional have a look at your campaign.
  • Find out how your ads are performing
  • client reports tab
    Get practical advice on how to improve your ad performance
  • AdWords Review Report
Not sure that you need any help? Use our quick check list to see.
If your campaign is well optimised - we will be sure to confirm it, as part of your free
  Google Adwords Monitoring Service
£200 per Month 
It is essential to monitor your Google Adwords campaign. You can do this yourself,
but it does take time that you may wish to devote to other aspects of your business.
Alternatively you could get a Google Adwords professional specialist to do the monitoring on your behalf. This service includes:
  • Daily review of your campaigns for alerts
  • Monitoring of Google policy changes
  • Monitoring for potential display ads problems
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Performance reports
  • Recommended actions report for your campaign
  • Email updates
BONUS VALUE - FREE upgrade to Google Adwords Complete Managed Service up to twice a year as required.
PPC Promotion Ltd have always found it difficult to leave a client's campaign broken so you get the full managed service, below, when you need it.

NO CONTRACT – Simple Month in Advance Service.
Guarantee – An early warning of any problems. There is no performance promise with this basic service.

  Google Adwords Complete Managed Service
From £250 per Month 
Hand over the complete, continuous management of your Google AdWords
campaign to one of our Google AdWords Professionals.

The managed service includes

"A reduction in our CPC from over 50p to 12p
whilst increasing clicks and business.
Thanks, Rob
." Mr P. Davis, Birmingham.

  • Adwords Campaign set up
  • Keyword research and grouping
  • AdWord design and setup
  • Management of optimum display positions
  • Management of optimum display times
  • Delivery of visitors to specific product pages
  • Daily monitoring of campaign performance
  • Tracking of conversions at the individual keyword level
    (where conversion tracking is enabled).
  • Ongoing campaign budget management
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimisation
  • Performance Reports
  • Ongoing corrective action for any Ad issues
  • Regular Email updates
  • Helpful phone & email support (office hours)
NO CONTRACT – Simple Month in Advance Service.
A real Google Adwords benefit is control.
You can turn your Adwords up or down, on and off, to suit your business plans.
You can also pause this Adwords Managed Service, you are in control. Audit my Adwords
  Google Adwords Performance Optimisation
Price On Application 

Get a Google AdWords Professional to review and optimise the performance of your Ad Campaign.
This service is a one-off program which provides:

  • Full review of your Ad Campaign and Ad Groups
  • Keyword performance analysis
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyword bidding optimisation
  • Optimisation of Ad display positions
  • Reduced cost per click
  • More quality clicks for more conversions

This service is guaranteed to give you better Ad performance, and save you money.
The price depends on the number of Ad Groups but our no quibble, money-back guarantee
means that we promise to save you more than the cost of the program, or we will refund your service fee.

Introduction to Search Engine Advertising

What is Search engine Advertising?
Find out what you need to know to get started with Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising.

Where possible this will take of the form of a short one-to-one intensive
training session using your business and markets throughout.
The price covers a half day hands-on training for 2 to 4 trainees.
We recommend at least two to get the best long term benefit for your business.
Get half your money Back!
Sign up to this intensive introduction and get £200 off these services;
  • Google Pay Per Click Adwords Setup.
  • Google Adwords Managed Service.
  • Adwords Performance Optimisation Service.
  Google Pay-per-Click Setup
From £400  
Get your Google pay-per-click advertising Campaign set up by a Google AdWords professional.
What you get:
  • 4+ hours of expert Pay-Per-Click advice
  • Setup of your Google AdWords account
  • Setup of your first AdWords Campaign
  • Multiple keywords researched for your business
  • Structuring your campaign to reflect your products
  •     and markets with the creation of at least three ad groups.
  • Creation of Ads that generate business
  • Optimised keyword bidding strategies
  • Delivery of visitors to specific product pages
  • Strategies for when to best display your ads
  • Ads that display at most profitable times
  • Helpful email support
  • Support by phone during office hours
Clients will be responsible for paying the pay-per-click costs directly to Google
(setup by Direct Debit or Credit Cards).