Activating your Google Adwords Account after setup by your

Google Professional Client Manager

This page has been created to help new UK AdWords advertisers who have employed a Google AdWords Qualified Individual to set up their Adwords Account for them. To enable clients to:
Other Adwords Professionals can link to this page, to help clients, if you agree with our advice.

Log-in to Google AdWords

  1. Go to the UK Adwords page, .
  2. Login using the email address and password provided by your Client Manager.
    ( See the login page, below.)

If you have had a Google Account set up for you you do not need to use the ending,
just & Yes you can use more than two words in your name.

Activate Adwords: Look for the "Submit your Payment Information" Warning.
You should arrive at your Home tab and see the Alert Message, in pink below.
This is where you may see other Alerts too.
  • Click on the long Link, "To activate your account and start running your ads, enter your billing information."

Select Country and Timezone

These instructions assume that your account has been set up by the latest version of the Account Set-up Wizard and that your
billing currency has already been set. If your account is older you may be asked to select your billing currency.
Select Country & Timezone ScreenStart your Account Setup on the screen pictured right.

  1. Select your country from the drop-down list.
  2. Select your Timezone from the options shown.
  3. Click Continue.

Postpay Billing

Always select Postpay Billing
when you ask an AdWords Professional to run your Campaigns.

Or you will pay to get Alerts!

You can control your spend by
setting budgets and at the
keyword bidding level

Prepay Billing.

Select this option to load
money onto your account.

When you budget is used
up your Ads will stop.

Recommended for research
and other fixed Purchase
Order projects.

Choose Form of Payment

Next you must 'Choose form of payment'.

Your main choice here is between Postpay Billing
and Prepay Billing.

PPC Promotion Ltd recommends PostPay Billing
by Direct Debit.
You can also set a backup credit card.

Credit Cards must be regularly reset at their expiry date

Select one of the four options, see picture of the screen, below.

Accept the Terms & Conditions (Only for payment by Direct Debit.)

In setting up your account your Google Professional has already agreed to the wider Adwords Ts & Cs.
This is appropriate as these relate to policies of acceptable Ads etc and it is they who must abide by these day to day
for all of their clients.

These terms do not cover Direct Debit which is restricted to the UK at the time of writing.

Fill in your Card or Bank Account Details

The screen will ask you to add your Credit Card or Bank Account details and will vary according to the form of payment.
When you have entered your details you will be given the opportunity to
enter your VAT number if you have one.

  • VAT detailsSelect your country.
  • Enter your VAT number.
    If you are VAT registered.
  • Finally, you can
    Save and Activate.

Changing the Password on your Google Account

Click on the My Account tab and select Account Preferences.
Go top your Login Information panel and Click on 'edit in Google Accounts >>'

You will arrive at your Google Accounts page with Adwords, and Google Mail already set up for you.
Here in your Personal Settings, Security area you can;
  • Change your Google Account Password.
  • Change your password recovery options by setting your own Security Question & secondary Email account.

Terminating Access of a Client Manager

If you want to run your Adwords campaigns yourself or in-house or to engage another Client Manager you can terminate access to your Google Account easily;

  1. Click the My Account tab, Account Access.
  2. Click Terminate Access.