Frequently Asked Questions About Adwords to PPC Promotion Ltd, UK.
Q: Can you bid on your competitor's name
Yes. This has long been possible in the US and introduced for the UK & Ireland in 2008. Google Adwords Policies prevent you from using their brands in your Ad copy and to work these should be in your landing page, say in a comparison table.
This has been subject to legal challenges in the European Courts such as Interflora v M&S and others.
Such bids are still legal but there was a 'passing-off' ruling that has gone back to the UK's High Court.
Q: What do I do if my competitor bids on my brands?
Bidding on a competitors brand is only easy when they are not using Adwords. The answer is to bid on your own brand which is often inexpensive and effective. See the step by step guide to bidding on your brand on this site. Q: Can I cap what I spend on google adwords
A: Yes. You can set an absolute cap using the daily budget settings. Google will not exceed 30 times this in any monthly reporting period. This is not the best way to control your AdWords spending. It is better to control you spending using the bids at Keyword level and by optimising your campaign. See also the Can I Afford Google? page.Q: Can you add adwords to a free website?
A: Yes. You can add Google AdSense panels to many free site and can bid on Keywords that can send visitors to this site.Q: Do you need your own website to use Google AdWords?
No. You do need a landing page but Google will host one using the old Google Pages for you as a part of Campaign setup process. We would NOT recommend this approach. Google has measured how visitors behave before they buy or get in touch. Most of us browse around the site to 3 or 4 pages before acting. Google take privacy and terms pages into account in their Keyword Quality Scores. See Rob's entry on the CCM Blog. Q: In Google AdWords is it better to post pay or prepay?
Prepay appears attractive as Google can only spend your cash up to this is expended. This can also generate a regular action to keep your campaigns going. One client lost sales in the 2008 Christmas peak period because their credit ran out!
PPC Promotion Ltd recommends post pay and managing you spend using the budget limits.
See Can I cap what I spend on google adwords?