Winning Conversions for your Adwords Marketing Budget

The screenshot below was taken from the PPC Promption MCC (Google Adwords My Client Centre)
summary for June 2011.

The summary results for the 46 linked Client Adwords Accounts, above, include several who do not have full control of their websites and so cannot easily improve their landing pages to improve conversion rates and some of these cannot track conversions.
The average cost per conversion of £7 would be a dream for many clients and includes on high volume, low cost range of products.

PPC Promotion Ltd do not recommend spending heavily on Google Adwords before tracking conversions
using Google Analytics or other tools. The clients above did not increase their spending to a combined rate of over £500,000 per year without a clear business case.


"Absolute gold in that email - thanks so much."
Edd from
Mischievous Marketing

"Following your suggestions has doubled our Conversion Rate!
Halving c.p.a. Thinking about it we've doubled free visitor conversions too!"
Simon T.

"Good website SEO did the trick!"
We are now reducing our Adwords spending for the time being." Austin Wade,
Anchor Inserts.

"Many thanks again for today which I found very constructive and illuminating."

These are just some of the testimonials resulting from our Adword Professional Consultations and clicking the button below.